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Vixens Of IoN

A collection of unique and diverse female Apes, ready to blast their way in the NFT space!

10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.


Vixens of IoN are 10,000 female apes sent to space by the Government on a test mission.

Their ship lost control and ended up crash landing on another planet where they meet apes BigBossNFT and Eleven and are immediately trained for battle.

Laser Blaster

Each Vixen of IoN for a limited time will be able to claim a (FREE + gas) Laser Blaster for use in Player vs Player gaming (PVP) when the Vixens are done with their training.

Value Proposition

High Quality 2000px x 2000px Resolution Art Work that you can print and use in your derivative work

Each Vixens of IoN can mint a Laser Blaster and can be used in PVP or sold on Secondary

Owning a Vixens of IoN is an access pass to the Vixens area on the Isle of NaN

This allows you to participate in play to earn (P2E) gaming from that area and battle in the PVP arena

Sales Milestones

10% Sales

We will have a live random drawing and give away 10 FREE Vixens to holders within the first 1,000 mints

20% Sales

Vixen Salon will launch. A project led by our Artist @seraStargirl where you can get a Vixen customized with your desired traits! (These Vixens are only for display purposes that will be in a separate salon collection, apart from the main Vixens collection)

50% Sales

Vixens of IoN Merch Unlocks

75% Sales

Donate 2% of sales to charity

Donate 3% of sales to community pool for Rewards & Prizes

90% Sales

We will purchase land in the Sandbox or Decentraland and build an interactive space on it. Vixens of IoN needs to be seen in the Metaverse!!!!

100% Sales

Production starts on our build for Vixens of IoN on the Island and the Vixens Game so holders can begin Playing to Earn (P2E)

The Team

Sera Stargirl


Vixens of IoN Artist

Has a background in Fashion Design and is a self-taught artist





IoN Co-founder, Nappy Changer, Coder, Crypto Enthusiast, Bag Hodler

Big Boss NFT


Special Thanks To:

Uppertunist, JomaNFT, NullPTR, Ripple